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Elementar 2013 PDF
Jan 2013 PDFwh-questions
Feb 2013 PDFpresent simple v. present continuous
Mar 2013 PDFpunctuation
Apr 2013 PDFprepositions of time and place
May 2013 PDFpronouns (everybody, somebody, etc.)
Jun 2013 PDFsingular v. plural
Elementar 2012 PDF
Jan 2012 PDFpresent simple
Feb 2012 PDFa, an, some, any
Mar 2012 PDFpresent continuous
Apr 2012 PDFpast simple (be)
May 2012 PDFpast simple (regular verbs)
Jun 2012 PDFpast simple (irregular verbs)
Jul 2012 PDFa lot (of) v. many v. much
Aug 2012 PDFfuture going to
Sep 2012 PDFprepositions of time, movement, place
Oct 2012 PDFlinking words: although, because, but, so
Nov 2012 PDFcomparatives and superlatives
Dec 2012 PDFsay v. tell
Elementar 2008
Jan 2008prepositions
Feb 2008wh-questions
Mar 2008a, an, the, some, any, or nothing (zero article)
Apr 2008telling the time
May 2008prepositions
Jun 2008mixed verb tenses - present, past, future
Jul 2008question tags
Aug 2008wh-questions
Sep 2008for, since, during
Elementar 2007
Jan 2007pronouns - personal, possessive, reflexive
Feb 2007writing numbers
Mar 2007wh-questions
Apr 2007adverbs
May 2007singular to plural
Jun 2007plural to singular
Jul 2007it is v. there is
Aug 2007telling the time
Sep 2007possessive adjectives v. possessive pronouns
Oct 2007prepositions
Nov 2007affirmative, negative, interrogative
Dec 2007present be v. there+be
Elementar 2006
Jan 2006a, an, some, any
Feb 2006writing numbers
Mar 2006verb contractions
Apr 2006past simple v. present perfect simple
May 2006error correction
Jun 2006wh-questions
Jul 2006mixed verb tenses - present, past
Aug 2006mixed verb tenses - present, past, future
Sep 2006indefinite pronouns - somebody, anybody, nobody, something, nothing, etc.
Oct 2006past simple / continuous v. present perfect simple / continuous
Nov 2006prepositions
Dec 2006present be v. there+be
Elementar 2005
Jan 2005pronouns - personal, possessive, reflexive
Feb 2005past simple v. past continuous
Mar 2005question tags
Apr 2005past simple v. present perfect simple
May 2005make v. do
Jun 2005pronouns - personal, possessive, reflexive
Jul 2005indefinite pronouns - somebody, anybody, nobody, something, nothing, etc.
Aug 2005prepositions
Sep 2005wh-questions
Oct 2005singular to plural
Nov 2005plural to singular
Dec 2005prepositions
Elementar 2004
Jan 2004past simple v. present perfect simple
Feb 2004wh-questions
Mar 2004present simple v. present continuous
Apr 2004prepositions
May 2004writing numbers
Jun 2004singular to plural
Jul 2004plural to singular
Aug 2004a, an, some, any
Sep 2004simple present
Oct 2004wh-questions
Nov 2004prepositions
Dec 2004wh-questions
Elementar 2003
Jan 2003question words
Feb 2003past simple v. present perfect simple
Mar 2003conjunctions (simple coordinators / subordinators)
Apr 2003wh-questions
May 2003present be v. there+be
Jun 2003infinitive v. -ing form
Jul 2003prepositions
Aug 2003pronouns
Sep 2003articles (definite v. zero)
Oct 2003prepositions
Nov 2003wh-questions
Dec 2003quantificadores (some, any)
Elementar 2002
Jan 2002present tense BE (am, is, are)
Feb 2002quantificadores (some, any)
Mar 2002present simple (do, does)
Apr 2002present continuous (am/is/are doing)
May 2002pronomes (I, me, my, mine, ...)
Jun 2002preposições (at, by, in, on)
Jul 2002past simple v. present perfect simple
Aug 2002wh-questions
Sep 2002present simple v. present continuous
Oct 2002adjectives v. adverbs
Nov 2002prepositions
Dec 2002adjectives of comparison
Intermédio - Avançado 2013 PDF
Jan 2013 PDFword formation
Feb 2013 PDFword formation (prefixes)
Mar 2013 PDFvocabulary (the odd man out)
Apr 2013 PDFphrasal verbs
May 2013 PDFsubject-verb agreement
Jun 2013 PDFvocabulary
Intermédio - Avançado 2012 PDF
Jan 2012 PDFpresent simple v. past simple v. present perfect simple
Feb 2012 PDFa, an, the, zero article
Mar 2012 PDFadverbs as modifiers or intensifiers
Apr 2012 PDFfuture forms
May 2012 PDFindirect speech / reporting verbs
Jun 2012 PDFpassive voice
Jul 2012 PDF(defining and non-defining) relative clauses
Aug 2012 PDFmixed conditionals
Sep 2012 PDFinfinitive v. -ing form
Oct 2012 PDFwish, if only
Nov 2012 PDFphrasal verbs
Dec 2012 PDFdependent prepositions
Intermédio - Avançado 2008
Jan 2008spelling
Feb 2008key word transformation
Mar 2008indirect / reported speech
Apr 2008key word transformation
May 2008expressions of quantity
Jun 2008nouns
Jul 2008dependent prepositions
Aug 2008phrasal verbs - call, get, go, put, run, talk, think, try, turn
Sep 2008make v. do
Intermédio - Avançado 2007
Jan 2007active voice v. passive voice
Feb 2007infinitive v. -ing form
Mar 2007passive voice
Apr 2007inversions
May 2007key word transformation
Jun 2007future simple, future continuous, future perfect simple
Jul 2007for, since, during
Aug 2007phrasal verbs - come, fall, look, put, take
Sep 2007phrasal verbs - turn
Oct 2007key word transformation
Nov 2007cleft sentences
Dec 2007it's time / would rather
Intermédio - Avançado 2006
Jan 2006so v. such
Feb 2006active voice v. passive voice
Mar 2006order of adjectives
Apr 2006phrasal verbs - break, come, look, put, set, speak, take
May 2006look, look like, look as if, look as though
Jun 2006phrasal verbs
Jul 2006dependent prepositions
Aug 2006indirect / reported speech
Sep 2006word formation and prepositions
Oct 2006phrasal verbs
Nov 2006it's time / would rather
Dec 2006spelling
Intermédio - Avançado 2005
Jan 2005phrasal verbs - be, break, come, get, give, go, hold
Feb 2005indirect / reported speech
Mar 2005word formation and prepositions
Apr 2005wishes and regrets
May 2005word formation and prepositions
Jun 2005indirect / reported speech
Jul 2005conditionals - type 1, 2, 3
Aug 2005infinitive v. -ing form
Sep 2005dependent prepositions
Oct 2005passive voice
Nov 2005indirect / reported speech
Dec 2005dependent prepositions
Intermédio - Avançado 2004
Jan 2004link words
Feb 2004dependent prepositions
Mar 2004active voice v. passive voice
Apr 2004can, could, be able to
May 2004conditionals (type 1, 2, 3, mixed)
Jun 2004inversions
Jul 2004wishes and regrets
Aug 2004dependent prepositions
Sep 2004indirect speech
Oct 2004active v. passive voice
Nov 2004it's time / would rather
Dec 2004dependent prepositions
Intermédio - Avançado 2003
Jan 2003infinitive v. -ing form
Feb 2003phrasal verb - go
Mar 2003like v. as
Apr 2003indirect speech
May 2003dependent prepositions
Jun 2003active voice v. passive voice
Jul 2003who questions
Aug 2003spelling
Sep 2003indirect speech
Oct 2003so v. such
Nov 2003dependent prepositions
Dec 2003phrasal verb - hold
Intermédio - Avançado 2002
Jan 2002voz passiva (present, past, future, perfect)
Feb 2002phrasal verb - get
Mar 2002quantificadores (few, a few, little, a little)
Apr 2002artigos (definite, indefinite, zero)
May 2002preposições (in, on, at, for, ...)
Jun 2002voz passiva
Jul 2002-ing form v. to-infinitive
Aug 2002genitive 's v. of
Sep 2002phrasal verb - give
Oct 2002question tags
Nov 2002aspects of the future
Dec 2002link words
Intermédio - Avançado 2001
Jan 2001artigos (definite, indefinite, zero)
Feb 2001verbos - presente (simple, continuous, perfect)
Mar 2001preposições (in, on, at, with, for, ...)
Apr 2001phrasal verb - be
May 2001conditionals (type 1, 2, 3, mixed)
Jun 2001verbos - futuro (simple, continuous, perfect)
Jul 2001phrasal verb - break
Aug 2001verbos irregulares
Sep 2001preposições (in, on, at, with, for, ...)
Oct 2001verbos - passado (simple, continuous, perfect)
Nov 2001phrasal verb - come
Dec 2001verbos - modais (can, could, may, might, ...)
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