1   Símbolos matemáticos:
+plus  ou  and
-minus  ou  take away
×times  ou  (is) multiplied by
÷(is) divided by  ou  over
=equals  ou  is equal to  ou  is
*is approximately equal to
*is not equal to  ou  does not equal to
<is less than  ou  is smaller than
>is more than  ou  is greater than
*is less than or equal to  ou  is smaller than or equal to
*is more than or equal to  ou  is greater than or equal to
%per cent  ou  percent
( )round brackets
[ ]square brackets
{ }curly braces
< >angle brackets
±plus or minus  ou  more or less
*(the) square root of  ou  the root of
*the integral of
logelogarithm to the base e
32(three) squared
43(four) cubed
54(five) to the power of (four)
620(six) to the power of (twenty)