1   Durante a passagem do discurso directo ao discurso indirecto, os advérbios de tempo e de lugar normalmente alteram-se. A escolha destes depende do contexto:
    John said, " Mary is coming here today. "
    (mesmo local + mesmo dia)
    John said (that) Mary was coming here today.
    (mesmo local + dia seguinte)
    John said (that) Mary was coming here yesterday.
    (mesmo local + dias mais tarde)
    John said (that) Mary was coming here that day.
    (local diferente + mesmo dia)
    John said (that) Mary was going there today. (1)
(1) Repare na alteração do verbo coming para going.
  2   Alguns advérbios de tempo:

nowimmediately / then / at that time
todaythat day
tonightthat night
yesterdaythe day before / the previous day
last nightthe night before / the previous night
(three days) ago(three days) before / earlier
the day before yesterdaytwo days before
tomorrowthe following day / the next day
next (Sunday)the following (Sunday)
next weekthe following week
next monththe following month
next yearthe following year
the day after tomorrowin two days' time

  3   Advérbios de lugar :

this (room)that (room)
these (rooms)those (rooms)